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A System To Get Consumers Spending More Pt.2

This part 2 from the previous blog post…. As for the prize, use something desirable.  Keep an eye out for special wholesale buys you can use as prizes.  Go to your neighboring business owners and ask them to contribute something in exchange for you mentioning them in your advertising. If it is a restaurant, they could give you a coupon Read More….

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A System To Get Consumers Spending More Pt. 1

Let’s say you are having a storewide clearance on some seasonal goods.  You have a drawing for a grand prize as an incentive to come into your store. You look through your items and carefully examine the inventory you need to move.  Then you also look at your average sale for an idea of how much people buy on average Read More….

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What Gets People To Buy Now? This…

The right motivators force people to act and not procrastinate Deadlines are a great example. Motivators work in marketing your products and services. Here is the rule: If people have all the time in the world to buy something on sale, they will not.   However, give them a deadline and they will move off the couch and go buy it Read More….

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The Wa Wa Secret

There is a convenience store called WaWa.   They are privately owned.   At the time of this writing, these stores are popping up like whack-a-moles.  A friend of mine lives in Quakertown, Pennsylvania who explained there were three of these stores within a three-mile stretch of each other.   He said, “In the mornings it is a zoo of people.  They give Read More….

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No Marketing Will Work If This Happens

All the best marketing in the world won’t work if this happens. One day a friend of mine had a dentist appointment and found out that day he had to leave the appointment early to catch a plane.  He made that request to the lady who schedules appointments.  She grumbled something and it was clear she was not pleasant about Read More….

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Get Non-Buying Customers Buying

I love this tactic. Before I explain this tactic, I think it’s important you have some background about it and why it works. An author named Robert Cialdini wrote a book called “Influence: The psychology of persuasion.” He did tons of research to find the answers to questions of influence. Questions like “What makes a person do something he might Read More….

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Have Instant And Direct Customer Contact At All Times

With all advertising, the exception being email and my social media methods, every time you advertise to someone it costs you money. In fact, the more you advertise, the more it costs you. If your results aren’t good, then it cost you even more because there’s little or no return on your investment. Worse, not everyone will see your ads. Read More….

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Pt 2 – Phone Trick For Massive Sales

They were then featured in the local news and were actually on the front page of the newspaper. This was the secondary response to their video becoming famous. It may surprise you to learn what the video was about. What would actually be so captivating as to get as much attention as it did? The video was 20 seconds of Read More….

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Phone Trick For Massive Sales

What I’m about to tell you may seem like I’m making it up, but I assure you it’s real. There is a tried and true strategy many have done that works like crazy for marketing products and businesses. Does it always work? No. Yet, the potential for it is huge and you just never know if it’s going to explode Read More….

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Pt 2 – Use The Invisible Power Of Familiarity To Boost Profits

So how can you be more familiar to your customers? Is your store attractive on the outside? Does it stand out? Is it clean? If not, you better fix that because you don’t want negative familiarity. Freshen up your paint and your signs. Remove those spider webs. Is it swept and kept clean? Are displays full and neat looking? Are Read More….

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