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My Topic For Speaking In Nashville January 10, 2019

On January 10th, 2019, I am speaking to a group of retailers. Retailers are near and dear to my heart because I was in that space for a long, long time. Plus, retailers have certain challenges other businesses don’t. One of the biggest challenges is competing with Amazon and Walmart. Since Walmart swept through America wiping out the downtowns of Read More….

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Change Your Customer’s Buying Habits

In my last blog post for small business marketing practices, I explained why your customers aren’t buying from you. It’s called “inertia” – which basically means they’re not going to do anything different than what they’ve been doing unless they have a great reason to. The reason is motivating enough to influence them to change their habit.  The motivation could Read More….

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Why Customers Aren’t Buying From You

Did you ever wonder why customers, especially new ones, aren’t buying from you like you think they should be? There are two reasons this happens with small businesses. First, people forget about you. Your past customers simply forgot you.  You must remind them to come back. Secondly, and perhaps the biggest obstacle you have to overcome, is inertia. According to Read More….

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Small Business Marketing Events: It’s What Brings In Business

When was the last time you had an event in your business to bring in business? In my book that’s coming out before the end of this year (it’s currently being edited by a real pro!), I talk about events and how they can be quite impactful. Here’s one out of the book: Have a Mini-Health Fair That’s right.  In Read More….

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Can You Really Get More Customers Spending Less?

Of course you get more customers spending less money.  That’s what I’m all about. You see, the reason most business owners don’t go this route is because they’re lazy.  Yes, lazy.  They’d rather throw money at something and cuss it for not working instead of putting a little energy toward creative thinking and planning. Small business marketing isn’t about throwing Read More….

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Commit To Not Spending Advertising Dollars First

That’s right.  I want you to commit to NOT spending any money to get customers.  (Well, maybe you’ll need to spend a little but no more than a $100 here and there) Business owners can become so damn lazy and just take out an ad and hope they get business from it. Instead, they could’ve thought it through and created Read More….

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Want More Sales? Stop Advertising!

Yes, that is a shocking statement. Yet, it’s true.  How could it be? It’s because it’s marketing that makes revenue soar.  For example, have you ever advertised in your local paper where your ad rep asked you to sponsor your high school team for the week?  This usually means there’s your logo with other local businesses’ logos.  You don’t stand Read More….

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Get Free Advertising From Google? YES!!!!

Can you really get free advertising from Google? Yes, but not in the sense where you can put up ads on Google and you don’t pay for them. It’s actually done with your business profile and reviews. I’m not going to give the big detailed explanation of how it works but know this.  Keep getting “positive” reviews.  Be relentless in Read More….

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The Marketing Road Less Traveled

Get on Google and do searches for small business marketing tactics. Here’s what you’ll find.  Articles with meager suggestions and no explanations.  People hollering off mountain tops that social media is the bomb and you HAVE to do it or you’ll die. What you won’t find are complete strategies with examples and templates and how-to’s.  If you’re lucky, you “may” Read More….

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Your Biggest Marketing Mistake

Being a small business owner you are likely making some marketing blunders you’d want to correct, wouldn’t you? Here’s the one of the biggest mistakes I see: Marketing to new people more than current customers. Now if your business is pretty new then you have to market to new folks but otherwise, stick to your current customers more than you Read More….

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