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Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

Because social media is so ubiquitous nowadays, everyone talks about it and one tends to believe that marketing on social media is THE thing to do. Not so. Remember, social media is simply another way to be in touch with customers – often new customers who don’t normally do business with you.  These are the most expensive customers to get. Read More….

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Small Business Marketing Tip of the Day

Search on Google for how to market your business and you will mostly find people preaching about social media or some other kind of digital marketing. There’s nothing wrong with that, but here’s the problem.  Unless your business is brand new, that’s not the ideal marketing tactic to use because digital marketing, as it pertains to brick and mortar businesses, Read More….

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Are You Hitting Their Emotional Hot Buttons?

People buy to solve problems or because they “want” something. Solutions are easy to sell. When you have a headache, you buy Ibuprofen or the like. If your tooth aches, you go to the dentist or if you have to wait, you use Orajel. Solutions create revenue if the problem is real and problematic. Wants, on the other hand, are Read More….

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Stop Buying Advertising

Stop buying advertising! That’s right. You don’t have to pay to get customers or clients or patients. Use your head. Think outside the wallet. Take online reviews for instance. They’re free. They’re more effective than owning the yellow pages category back in the day. And it uses the power of word of mouth to drive business to you. Be relentless Read More….

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Why Customers Would Happily Spend More Than They Intended

The question we must ask ourselves is this: How can we induce customers to buy more frequently and increase their purchase sizes?  The answer is to use a psychological tactic that motivates people to spend more.   Let’s first pretend you’re having a storewide clearance on seasonal items.   Next, you check your last six month’s sales to calculate the Read More….

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A Customer Buying Trick

I was staring out the window on the seventh floor of an apartment building.  It was snowing heavily, it was six degrees, and the wind was violently building four foot snow drifts.  Thinking how warm and cozy it was to be safely inside, I watched a man exit his apartment building across from mine. He began clearing the snow away Read More….

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Create a Passionate and Free Sales Force For Your Business

My competitor was grumpy and quick to anger.  He lacked self-control of important emotions that probably rubbed off on some, if not all, his employees.  This is obviously not a good disposition for business – especially in retail.   In contrast, I am slow to anger.  I didn’t even press charges against Jim.  I am a good listener.   My emotions Read More….

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Get Customers To Buy Automatically Pt. 2

You have the ability to influence nearly anyone you want with reciprocation.  Manipulative?  Absolutely.   Is it wrong?  Only if it is used for evil.   This was discovered years ago while running our family hardware store and lumber yard (a.k.a. Home Center).  Whenever someone bought a house they received a nice plant or flowers from our store.  The card had Read More….

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Get Customers To Buy Automatically

Author Robert Cialdini wrote a book called “Influence: The psychology of persuasion.”  He researched for years to understand what creates influence on people.  Answers were sought to questions such as “What makes a person do something he might not otherwise do?” or “Why do people not change their opinion when they know it is wrong – including holding the incorrect Read More….

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More On Getting Customers To Buy NOW!

Re-read my last post post on getting customers to buy more – this will make more sense once you do. As an example, our store once gave away “lawn chairs in a bag” during a promotion.  The chairs were packaged in a carry bag and when pulled out can be sat on within ten seconds of unfolding it.   Our Read More….

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