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Let’s Put An End To Advertising Confusion

I always have my eye out for the next marketing tactic that works good.  Frankly, I don’t care what it is as long as it’s effective and returns a good ROI for brick and mortar businesses.  However, there is a ton of confusion about marketing because the majority of time you read and hear about doing something digital.  You’d almost Read More….

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Get An Edge From Google

A fairly well-known tactic among marketers that is not put into practice much by brick and mortar businesses is the use of claiming your business pages on all the sites on the internet you can. When I say claim them, I mean you find your business listing on various sites such as Google’s (they automatically have it there for you) Read More….

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Reviews Are The New Marketing Gold

Have you considered just how valuable reviews are as a marketing tactic? They’re free.  They’re like a billboard you never have to pay for and it gets incredible amounts of traffic.   They’re as persuasive as a doctor’s advice.  Yet, an incredible amount of businesses don’t utilize this gift that has been given to us by Google.  Google did it to Read More….

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In-Your-Face Example Of Why You Must Be Good At Getting Sales

You’ve heard of Amazon – everyone has. They are renowned for their robotics they use to package and ship orders. Just like Walmart, one of the big reasons they do is that it keeps labor costs down. You don’t have to pay robots cost of living raises, they don’t get sick, they don’t require you pay workman’s comp and they Read More….

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Perhaps The Coolest Viral Strategy Ever

Ever hear of a “repeat banner”? It’s a large banner with your business name or website that is repeated on the entire banner. The banner is big enough that people can stand in front of it and have their picture taken. All the while, the website or business name is repeating behind them in the background. This gets uploaded to Read More….

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Are You Getting Every Cent Of Sales From Your Advertising?

I’m dumbfounded when I see so many lame advertisements. A shocking amount of business owners throw together an advertisement without considering that there may be a better way. What I mean is your advertisement may be leaving an incredible amount of money on the table. In fact, the ad you just created might be a genuine POS (Piece of Shit!) Read More….

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Is Your Business Aligned?

Recently, I did a podcast with Art Suriano. Art’s an interesting guy who has worked with big name businesses like Hickory Farms. I asked him what his most successful campaign was that he either created or was a part of. During the discussion, Art reminds us that the most important thing is how things are aligned and put together. Art Read More….

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Ominous Warning To Motivate Your Marketing

A couple days ago I spoke with Al Norman who was featured in a 60 Minutes segment back in 1995 for being an anti-Walmart guy.  He and his town in Greenfield, Massachusetts kept out Walmart for a long time.  Their secret weapon?  Besides hard work, it was zoning laws.  Basically, as long as the town could keep Walmart from building Read More….

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How To Think About Your Marketing

As you know, I’m the Cheap-Marketing Champion.   I love cheap…but ONLY if it brings results.  Plus, cheap does not necessarily mean spend the least you can, although that’s obviously smart.   It also means if you spent tens of thousands on marketing and it brought you great results then it’s cheap. What are great results? For example, if you spent $3,000 Read More….

Crazy-Cheap Marketing

Advertising can be expensive.  But it’s ONLY expensive when you don’t get a good result.   Even if you pay through the nose for expensive advertising, it’s not expensive if it does well for you. The key in making advertising work for you is ensuring it’s achieving what you want from it.  So start out by asking what you want from Read More….

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