Automatic-Pilot Sales: Get Pre-Qualified, Pre-Sold Leads and Blow Up Your Bank Account Kindle Edition

by Andy Curry (Author)

Your prospects are deciding at this very moment whether or not to give you their money.Why should they choose you over your competition?

If you answer with weak “me too” reasons like “quality”, or “We’ve been in business for XX years”, or “We go the extra mile”, then you’re no different than your competitors who fight, scrape, and bleed to get every morsel.

Crazy-Cheap Marketing: Innovative Marketing Tactics For Instant Growth


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This book is about real-life, cheap and effective advertising and marketing tactics for small business owners like retailers, service businesses and professionals.  If your town’s citizens are your customers, this is for you.

I wrote this book because I’ve been in retail over 40 years and have had several online businesses. In both, I learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. I wasted thousands of dollars on marketing I thought would kick ass but flopped and vice versa. Because there are a truckload of places to advertise your goods and services nowadays,it’s hard to know where to put your money for the biggest bang.  Ad reps pressure you with ridiculous canned sales pitches repeating what they learned from their mentor who learned what they learned from their mentor.  Alleged experts claim “You must do ‘X’ or your business will die a horrible death!” Yeah….right.

There is so much misinformation “out there” that I decided to dispel there and show you cheap and effective marketing tactics, what not do and what to do if you’re not sure what to do.  Reading this book will be like me spending the day with you as your personal consultant.

The first thing you’ll learn are actual advertising and marketing tactics used by me and other successful business owners that are crazy-cheap to use as well as effective. (Note the keyword “effective) For example, a full-page newspaper ad will cost you $1000 or more (depending on your area) for a “one-time shot” plus it usually takes several days to plan, create and publish.  I show you how to consistently get the same (actually, better) effect for $69, do it multiple times while still costing no more than $69. (Plus, you can do it in minutes…not days! Have something HOT, HOT, HOT you want to advertise right this second? Use this tactic for maximum visibility and low, low, low expense!)

The second thing you’ll learn is how to come up with your own crazy-cheap and effective marketing tactics based on my “The road less traveled” philosophy.  After you read this, the way you attract buyers for your goods and services will change forever because your marketing will be more effective for far less cost.

The third thing you’ll learn is what NOT to do. You’ll see a big list of “Hell No’s!” Chances are you’re doing them constantly and aren’t aware of the damage you’re causing your business.

The fourth thing you will learn is what to do with digital advertising. You get easy-to-understand guidelines to instantly know if you should be using the major online marketing platforms (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and HOW to use them to fit your business.  Here’s a hint about these.  Just because they’re cool, impressive, ubiquitous and everyone dotes on them does not necessarily translate into: You must use them. (Quite possibly, maybe you should run away from them like a rabid dog!)

By the time you finish this book, you will:

  • Spend 50 – 75% less on your advertising while getting 5 times the results
  • Know if “the next” digital marketing thing is something you should use or blow it off because it’s just hype (And if you should use it, you’ll know how to make it work for your business!)
  • Never again be confused about where to put your marketing dollars because you’ll know, without hesita tion or question, what works for you and what doesn’t! (The days of guessing are officially over)
  • Have your fellow business owners willinglyadvertise your goods and services to their customers for damn near free! (And they will thank you for it!)
  • Know how to force ad reps to justify their costs and make them make their advertising work for you once and for all!
  • Have an in-house marketing power-team (made up of your employees) consistently bringing in more prof its at no extra cost to you! (This will be like having a reliable car that suddenly gets twice the mileage, goes faster and rarely needs repairs because you know where and how to tweak the engine)

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