Get Non-Buying Customers Buying

I love this tactic.

Before I explain this tactic, I think it’s important you have some background about it and why it works.

An author named Robert Cialdini wrote a book called “Influence: The psychology of persuasion.” He did tons of research to find the answers to questions of influence. Questions like “What makes a person do something he might not otherwise do?” or “Why do people hold tight on an opinion when they know it’s wrong – even in public?” and so on.

One of the more fascinating findings in his book has to do the Hare Krishna. As you probably know, they were once notorious for handing out flowers in airports. I’ve been going to airports for the past several years and haven’t seen any doing this, but they used to apparently. Anyway, when one gets in front of you they shove a flower in your hand and ask for a donation to their cause. The interesting thing is how often people would donate.

Here’s the rule of reciprocation: I am obligated to give back to you the form of behavior that you first gave back to me.

Here are examples. If I buy you a Christmas present, you’ll likely buy me one too. If I buy you a beer at the bar, you’ll probably reciprocate and buy me one too. Here’s one you’ll really relate to. If I do you a favor, you will feel like you owe me a favor. Cialdini’s rule is: People say “Yes” to those they owe. What’s more, Cialdini says every human being of every culture does this. It seems that we all have learned this.

Now I want you to consider this carefully. When it comes to your customers, you should be asking yourself “Whose circumstance can I advance?”, because by virtue of this rule they will “want” to enhance your circumstances and your outcomes.

Do you see the absolute power in that?!!

You have the ability to influence nearly anyone you want with reciprocation. Manipulative? Absolutely. Is it wrong? Only if it’s for evil.

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