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You’ve heard of Amazon – everyone has. They are renowned for their robotics they use to package and ship orders. Just like Walmart, one of the big reasons they do is that it keeps labor costs down. You don’t have to pay robots cost of living raises, they don’t get sick, they don’t require you pay workman’s comp and they work 24/7. Us humans? Not so much.

One of the Holy Grails for businesses is getting that labor cost down because it is generally the highest cost businesses have. If you can get your labor cost a lot lower, then you can sell for less and beat competitors. This is why Walmart makes most of their employees part-timers. Part time employees don’t have to be paid health insurance and other perks which keeps costs down. And by the way, us taxpayers subsidize Walmart’s employees’ health insurance via Medicaid. Walmart understands that as long as people have a job even though they make below poverty level wages, the employee can easily qualify for Medicaid. Pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say?

So the way I see it is this. These gigantic companies have figured out how to lower their labor costs so they can therefore sell for less and undercut competitors quite easily. The problem is when people buy outside of their community, that money is gone forever. Had they bought in their community the local merchant has more revenue to put to his business where he pays employees, collects sales tax for the community, pays rent to landlords who pay property taxes and use their rental revenue to live on and so on. Yet, when the money leaves the community it’s gone forever. No one in the community benefits except the customer who bought the item and saved a buck at his own community’s expense.

When your community has this going on in droves, which it is (even President Trump acknowledged it), then communities start to die. Businesses close. When they close there’s less tax revenue. The community was used to certain tax revenues and when they start disappearing….guess who gets to cover the shortages? You! This is what my radio shows are all about.

Thus, local merchants need ways to effectively and cheaply market to their customers. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I built WallaZoom.  WallaZoom creates an instant and direct communication with the local merchant and their customers.  No other app does this.

And just in case you don’t think Amazon or Walmart (and other huge companies) aren’t affecting your community, watch this video showing Amazon’s robotics.  It’s stunning how it’s done.  What’s even more stunning is how many people the robots put out of work:

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