More On Getting Customers To Buy NOW!

Re-read my last post post on getting customers to buy more – this will make more sense once you do.

As an example, our store once gave away “lawn chairs in a bag” during a promotion.  The chairs were packaged in a carry bag and when pulled out can be sat on within ten seconds of unfolding it.


Our store bought them on special from a wholesaler at four dollars per chair.  I decided to use them as a premium give-away for purchases over a certain dollar amount.   It was made clear that there were a limited amount available.  I was astonished at how many people were motivated to purchase by this sale.   Not every qualified buyer received a chair.  The ones that didn’t were upset.  That was a little stressful at the time because we do not want to anger customers yet my staff was so good at caring for customers that all was forgiven in short order.  Plus, some people were given another special deal to soothe their pain if they were too hard to pacify.


While promoting the give-away chair, the $25.00 retail value of the chair and its benefits were made known to the public.  We advertised that these chairs could be taken camping, used at ball games, or in your backyard.  Every genuine benefit we could think of was promoted.  It is amazing what people will do for a free item including if they have to spend money to own it.  We made a 27 % ROI that day.


Like the man clearing the snow, what motivation can you create to push consumers to buy from you?  What if you knew it was going to snow twenty inches tomorrow and you had to bring people in your door?  What you would use for motivation?


This is the mindset the ad writer and campaign creator should have.  What is the most powerful motivator you can think of?






Deadlines are one of the simplest.  Read the section called “Force Customers To Happily Spend More Than They Intended” – it is another motivator example and is a lucrative sales booster.


Scarcity is the next simplest.  Be smarter than saying meaningless phrases such as “Limited Offer.”   Consumers have seen that so often they now know it means nothing.   Scarcity needs to be in their face.  It must mean something to the consumer.  If your offer has a specific quantity of something available, make it known like we did with the lawn chairs.


As examples auto repair shops can promote deal where only ten customers can buy a set of 3 oil changes. Any customers who missed out on the deal can be put on a waiting list the next time this special occurs.


Dentists can offer half-price teeth whitening. If the goal is to bring in fifty new patients for the month, then only fifty are available.   If the dentist puts a deadline on the offer as well, then that is twice the motivation.


Fitness centers can offer two free months for first-time members but only for the next thirty people who sign up by or before this weekend.


Divorce lawyers can get in the game as well even though it does not seem to make sense.   Thus, they can promote that the next five clients who sign up will get a free thirty-minute consultation, two hours of billing at half price, and a free prenuptial agreement.  The total amount of value the new client enjoys is $800 in savings.  The prenuptial agreement can be a basic agreement that probably needs modified according to the clients circumstances.   That will eventually result in more revenue.   Obviously, people in general will not spend money just to spend money.  Yet, circumstances are constantly changing for people and there may be a handful who need divorce services.   Plus, people have friends who will need a divorce lawyer and if they saw this promotion, the friend will tell their friend who will say, “You better hurry though because it was only available for five new clients and expires next week.”


As illustrated, it does not matter what the business is.  Deadlines and scarcity can move mountains and should be in every marketing promotion done by you.  Without motivators, the campaign does not have near the effectiveness it could otherwise have.




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