Pt 2 – Use The Invisible Power Of Familiarity To Boost Profits

So how can you be more familiar to your customers?

Is your store attractive on the outside? Does it stand out? Is it clean? If not, you better fix that because you don’t want negative familiarity. Freshen up your paint and your signs. Remove those spider webs. Is it swept and kept clean? Are displays full and neat looking? Are there plenty of brochures for people to take?

Are you employees in uniform? Employees go to other places in town to eat and shop and if they’re wearing a uniform for your business, they are advertising for you as they move about. If you don’t require uniforms, then get them name tags with your business name on them.

How about your company vehicles? Are they labeled with your store name and phone number? When you go places do you drive company vehicles so your store is advertised? Every time you leave the store you should be driving that store vehicle. If you’re seen a lot, it looks like you really have something going on. Subconsciously, people see you a lot and assume you’re doing a lot and therefore your store is a great place to go. Let your “trusted” employees drive home company vehicles. Let them drive them around town like they would their own cars when they shop and go places. You of course will decide how much they can drive around but the amount of advertising yourself with this is crazy-cheap! Your cost is only gasoline. Big deal. Which would you rather spend money on? $200 in fuel for continual advertising your business? Or $200 in newspaper ad that will run one time and be thrown away the same day it’s seen? And by the way…not everyone reads the newspaper. Familiarity!

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