Small Business Marketing Events: It’s What Brings In Business

When was the last time you had an event in your business to bring in business?

In my book that’s coming out before the end of this year (it’s currently being edited by a real pro!), I talk about events and how they can be quite impactful.

Here’s one out of the book: Have a Mini-Health Fair

That’s right.  In my book I explain how I did it and what it took to make it happen.  I was shocked at the amount of people who attended.   We were talked about for weeks.  We made more sales that day than we were ready for – it was a smash hit and I wasn’t sure it would be.  One lesson is this: Expect it to be a smash hit.

Think about the mini health fair possibilities.  What kind of business could have it?  Answer: Any!

If your business is dental (which makes perfect sense for this kind of event – in fact, you could ROCK IT!!!), or auto repair, or pooper scooper, or a divorce lawyer.  I can’t think of a business this wouldn’t work for.  If you have no location, team up with another business that does and figure out a way to make it work.  Don’t just throw money at advertising – instead, throw energy at marketing.

I don’t have the time to write the details on how to make this fly like I did but you can figure it out if you put nose to the grind stone.  If you’d rather wait for my book and its details, go here to sign up for my book release and you’ll know about it then:


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